Water Calculation

Water efficiency calculations predict water consumption in accordance with Approved Document G of the Building Regulations. However, this water efficiency check of properties is becoming increasingly essential to make more sustainable dwellings. Furthermore, as the population grows, it is a necessity to conserve water.
Therefore, in compliance with the Part G of Building Regulations, a property must demonstrate that its water targets will not exceed a certain level (125 liters) per person.
Water Efficiency Calculation Services
To provide water calculations, you need to give us a complete plan and design of your building. In addition, the plan will also present the number of facilities that will use water, such as toilets, the kitchen, and washing machines.
Using this information, DatScotland will calculate the projected water consumption levels of your building. Once we have the information, we provide clear information for both you and your building control in a final report.
As DatScotland provides fast and cost-effective water calculation services throughout Scotland, there’s nothing we can’t make it easier for you.