SAP Calculation

All new dwellings require a Standard Assessment Procedure or SAP as it is officially known. SAP has been part of the Scottish Buildings Regulations since 1995. Moreover, it is a government-approved method to evaluate the energy performance of any new building in order to comply with Part L of the building regulations. As a result, a SAP report must be produced through a critical analysis of the design and building stages of any new dwellings. Furthermore, the report must be produced by an authorized member of a certification body.
What do SAPS Demonstrate?
The SAP calculation measures the CO2 emissions and energy performance of a residential building. Therefore, the higher the SAP rating, the lower the energy/fuel cost. However, this means the more energy efficient your building will be. Thereupon, once you have a confirmed plan and design of your building, it is best to get your SAP calculations done. The overall energy performance can be revealed by the early structural elements of the build. So, it is much easier to identify any problems with the proposed design at the start than making any adjustments in the end. Finally, once your building passes the energy assessment, an EPC Certificate can be released.
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