Professional Services

Minimizing or eliminating air leakage is a legal necessity when constructing new domestic or commercial buildings. However, this means that new buildings need to undergo air tightness testing.
Airtightness testing is a procedure to trace any air permeability and uncontrolled airflow through a house or building. Therefore, too much leakage means heat loss, thus higher CO2 emissions. While Part L of the Scottish Buildings Regulations obligates new buildings to reduce CO2 emissions, it is necessary you meet the standards.
DatScotland provides expert air tightness testing services across Scotland for commercial and other buildings. We have regionally based engineers that provide professional and cost-effective local services to meet your needs.
If you are seeking to get your building tested, reviewed, or need consultancy regarding airtightness testing, then we are here to assist you. Thereupon, we will ensure your development is energy efficient and complies with the building standards.