Airtightness testing is a major requirement for all new buildings in Scotland, whether domestic or commercials. According to the Scottish building regulations, the requirement to build an airtight building, and all new domestic dwellings should be tested for airtightness.
Under Part L of buildings, regulations require all domestic buildings greater than 500 square meters, which should be subject to air permeability tests. Hence, for domestic dwellings, a representative sample of houses in development stages must be tested.
Furthermore, Part LIA of building regulations is concerned with the conservation of power and fuel in new buildings. Therefore, if your building exceeds a certain size, you can’t hand it over to the client without a valid air testing certificate.
One must understand that air leakage affects the building's overall performance and loss of fuel and power. However, making the building airtight reduces the amount of fuel needed to heat it, carbon footprint, and energy bills.
Thus, failure to comply with Part LIA of building regulations can lead to a large penalty and potential court action. Thereupon, it is essential that your building meets all standards, in order to receive a property pass certificate.