Building Regulations and Sap Calculations for Scotland

Building Regulations and Sap Calculations for Scotland

When it comes to new building dwelling, they must comply with Section 6 of Building Regulations in Scotland. As much as it may be an overwhelming task but SAP calculations perform a significant role in the design of new buildings.

Therefore, new buildings in Scotland require SAP calculations to ensure designs remain sustainable. However, as part of the SAP assessment, you will be asked to demonstrate that your new build doesn’t exceed a permitted target for carbon emissions. Whereas many designs fail to comply with the Building Standards requirements, we can help you overcome these obstacles easily.

Cost-Effective SAP Calculations

As we know, SAP is a method for measuring the overall energy efficiency and sustainability of a building. Moreover, it is a Government recommended standard for producing an Energy Performance Certificate for new dwellings across Scotland.  

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculation cost for new builds cost from £80 + VAT for a single unit and from £30 + VAT for each multiple duplicated property.

At DatScotland, we will run your calculation with unlimited advice on how to comply with Part L of the Scottish Building Regulations. However, the cost of lodging the EPC on completion will be £40 + VAT per unit.

Air Tightness Test Procedure and Services

Airtightness testing, also known as an air leakage test or air permeability test is a key test to indicate the air leakage. Therefore, this is to examine the leakage per hour per square meter of the external area of any dwelling.

As per Part L of Building Regulations, air pressure tests in Scotland calculates the airtightness of a building. Furthermore, it ensures there is no leakage of air that escapes the building through any gaps or cracks.

Excessive air leakage can affect the overall energy efficiency of a building and it makes less energy efficient. Additionally, it makes the building expensive to run.

Hence, airtightness procedures have been mandatory for new build residential or commercial buildings across Scotland. Thus, to ensure the building meets or exceeds the rating specified in your design stage SAP calculations. In case, your building fails to maintain air tightness can result in up to 40% of energy loss.

Thereupon, we at DatScotland offer a complete airtightness testing service for residential and commercial buildings. If you are looking for one – look no further.

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